Connect Groups

We’re Doing Life Together!

We believe real life happens best in the context of authentic relationships. It’s one of our house core values – “We do life together!” Our Connect Groups meet once a week in places all around our region and provide a place for you to connect, grow and discuss the issues and challenges of life. Regardless of your age, interests or location, we are sure there is a group out there for you. Connect Groups are also where we pray, care for one another and are missed if we don’t show up!

We offer two types of groups:

Short Term Groups – these groups are topically driven and will meet for varying amounts of weeks throughout the year.  These groups have a specific day and time that they meet each week and new group members may be added – as long as space permits.  Many of our Short Term groups will launch at Connect Days (our semester launch events); however, some of our short term groups will be launching at various times during the year.  Watch for these additional groups to be advertised in services and on social media.

Long Term Groups – are designed to help you go a little deeper together.  Just as Jesus had 12 guys that did life together, these groups are designed to be groups that commit to one another for a year.  The topic discussed will change, but the group will continue to develop relationship and grow together.  These groups will be closed a few weeks after they begin, so new people will not be added unless the group as a whole agrees.  The goal is to protect the open authentic relationships so that a person can be as “real” about life as they wish to be.  These groups may change their meeting day or time as is needed, taking breaks or going on outings, throughout the year that they meet.

If you are looking for a Connect Group to get involved in, you can explore our groups further online at:


Feel free to contact the church office if you have questions.

Norris City Campus  618-378-3959                                           Mt. Carmel Campus 618-262-9777

Craig Mosselli

“It’s a place, with a wonderful group of people God has put me in the midst of, where I can open up and learn how to be myself. One more way God has blessed me.”

Pastor Dawn Everett

“I lead connect groups because I like smaller groups to be able to connect on a more personal level, and I get to see lives transform and see growth with God.”

Dan Ledford

“My favorite part of these groups is each individual is accepted for who they are..Facilitating an atmosphere of comfort around others.”

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