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We believe real life happens best in the context of authentic relationships.  Our Connect Groups meet once a week in places all around our region and provide a place for you to connect, grow and discuss the issues and challenges of life. Regardless of your age, interests or location, we are sure there is a group out there for you.  Connect Groups are also where we pray, care for one another and are missed if we don’t show up!

Our Spring 2019 Semester is Here!
Visit our online registration to find a group near you.


Come join us, and get started on the pathway to discovering your purpose and realizing your potential! Growth Track is a series of classes that can be completed in four Sundays –

  • ​Church 101
  • Essentials 201
  • Discovery 301 &
  • Dream Team 401

In a super relaxed setting, you will learn the heart of ministry at The Roads, the essential beliefs every Christian should know, your personal gifting and talents, as well as how to become a member and join one of our many Dream Teams.

Check our calendar for upcoming classes.


The Dream Team is about finding your purpose and fulfillment in your life. Our goal is to help you find the specific ministry God has for you. The Dream Team is comprised of ministry teams that serve our region every week to help people discover and continue discovering Jesus, Freedom, Purpose and Fulfillment. We believe the Dream Team is making an eternal difference in people’s lives. So live the dream – join the Dream Team!

Check our calendar for Growth Track – Dream Team 401, and join us to learn more about specific teams, as well as meet team trainers and coaches.